What does “We’re retiring your current LinkedIn iPad app” really mean

Another tongue-in-cheek translation from PR-talk, by yours truly.

Hi Nicola,

Hello $firstnameofUserID3478281 (we’re feigning familiarity here, to sweeten the bad news)

We wanted to follow up and remind you that we’ll no longer be supporting LinkedIn iPad app versions older than 7.0 starting February 18.

As we already told you, we have bad news if you have an old iPad. Starting February 18 you will be left out in the cold cold lands of Unsupportedonia.

This will help us focus on creating even better mobile products and experiences for you.

We have to mess things up for users regularly in the name of improvement, don’t we?

You currently have one of these older apps, but you can download the latest app anytime from the iTunes App Store.

Do you realize you are a cheapskate, and you’re still holding on a four years old tablet? When you’ll go to the App Store you’ll have a bad surprise.

It’s a brand new app — we think you’ll like it! With the new app you can now search for jobs — plus like, share, and comment on what you’re reading.

We reinvented the wheel! Wheee! In other words: only when you’ll get a newer iPad you will again have access to our service.

Have questions? Visit our Help Center for more info.

Feel free to vent your frustration perusing our Help Center (and not finding anything really useful to your predicament)

Thanks for being a member,

Deal with it,

The LinkedIn Team

People who always have the latest toysiPads

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