Watch out! On AVOS Delicious your links are still added as public by default

Url editing is back. No good news about bookmark privacy.

In a recent update the “Delicious Product Team” writes

In response to your feedback, we now have a two-step link saving process that provides better privacy protection as well as the ability to edit URLs.

Looks like the first one is still not true and this is after almost a month after the “redesign” which seriously cripped Delicious’ feature set.

AVOS delicious - links still public by default

As you can see in a screenshot I put on Flickr on AVOS Delicious links are still saved immediately as public. They can be made private only later by checking the “make this link private” box and pressing the “SAVE” button. It just takes seconds but nonetheless what happens in this (supposedly) short meantime, oh, well… you get the idea, right?

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