Stories of Apple » The Apple Store invades the world
On the 30th of November 2003 Apple opened its first retail store outside the United States, in Tokyo's Ginza district.

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Stories of Apple » The hands of Cupertino
If you take a look at Apple’s output of information and promotional material there is one thing that stands out: the prominent use of hands.

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Stories of Apple » Discs, filesystems and Macs – Interview with Drew Thaler
Best known for a series of posts on Sun’s ZFS filesystems, Drew Thaler has worked on many projects at Infinite Loop in the last decade. Now at Sony, he tells us a bit about what he did at Apple, its technologies and inner workings.

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Stories of Apple » Slackintosh reborn – An Interview with Adrian Ulrich
Adrian Ulrich has restarted the Slackintosh project and is again providing (together with Marco Bonetti) a Slackware distribution for Apple (and non-Apple) RISC-powered hardware. We contacted him for a short interview to ask him what happened, what is his role and what is the distribution’s status.

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