Stories of Apple – so su mi
How Jim Reekes had to rename a Macintosh system sound and ended up creating a masterpiece of Apple folklore

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iPhone audio apps in April 2009
Free audio software installed on my jailbroken iPhone in April 2009

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A guide to iTouch audio apps
Here’s a short visual guide (with links) to some audio and music software available for free on the iPhone and iPod touch:

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Hit me with your violin bow
Me on stage in June of 1998: live on stage w Modra Stjerne The image is taken from a video capture done by a friend of a live show with my band Modra Stjerne in my hometown in Italy during a band contest. This was back when we were trying to break into the apathic and sad, sad, sad local scene. Of course said local scene wasn't exactly ready or keen to accept a trio composed by a singer/bassist, a dj/rapper/programmer and a violinist (me), producing layered compositions full of samples and synths, vocal and spoken word lines, trip-hop inspired moods and noisy and distorted solos. me and Dj Batman (Me and dj/rapper/programmer Dj Batman) Modra Stjerne sadly is no more: we basically dissolved at the end of the following year but the experience was a very rewarding one, not only on a strictly musical level. One of the funniest things for us at the time were the shocked and/or perplexed reactions of the crowd and, most of all, sound technicians when we played live. They couldn't get over the fact that we had no guitar and no drums (we used computer tracks, mostly done with a mod tracker). Also funny but sometimes excruciating for me was trying to explain to the sound engineer that really I wanted no noise reduction or limiters on my electrified amped violin and that I do really wanted it to sound cheaply distorted and crunchy with a lot of feedback.

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