Stories of Apple on Patreon – The man who prototyped the Macintosh – An interview with Daniel Kottke
Apple veteran Daniel Kottke sheds some much needed light on his years and colleagues he worked with at Apple.

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Comics in Poland – An interview with Adam Radon
Adam Radon is the Director and key organizer of the most important Comics Festival in Poland. He was a guest at the 2017 edition of the Napoli ComiCon, where he cocurated an exhibition of polish historical comics. Here’s a little chat with him in which we talked about the landscape of polish comics and its most important artists.

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Stories of Apple on Patreon | Working at Eazel – An Interview with Gene Ragan
Founded and staffed by key Apple people, Eazel is a little known VC-backed startup which tried to build a better interface for GNU/Linux systems. Read an exclusive interview with one of its programmers.

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