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Two Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 hacks

Writing a piece in italian for on the latest beta version of Firefox 3.1 I found two interesting tidbits of info.

From comes a way to make Firefox always start in Private Browsing mode: 

Go to the about:config page, click I’ll be careful, I promise, type browser.privatebrowsing.autostart in the Filter text box, double click the entry to make its value true.  After doing this, the next time you start Firefox, it will start in private browsing mode automatically.  To turn this off, use the same steps to change the value of this preference to false.  There is a plan to provide an easier method to set this option in the final release of Firefox 3.1.

On I found an interesting note to the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine, which looks like is only enabled for web content but

if you want to enable it for XUL/chrome as well, go to about:config, search for ‘jit’ and set the XUL/chrome option to ‘true’.