“Mondo Erotica – The Art of Roberto Baldazzini”

Mondo Erotica Back CoverMondo Erotica Cover and Spine

Korero Press is a small London based publisher that specializes in art books about pop culture, street art, erotica and horror.

In the last few months I’ve worked with Korero writing, translating and editing text and comics, plus a bit of supervision and proof-reading, for an upcoming luscious hardbound book centred on the work of italian comic artist, illustrator and painter Roberto Baldazzini.

Titled “Mondo Erotica”, it has 176 pages of black and white and color artwork, showcasing most of the output of what I consider not only a master of erotica but one of the most important Italian artists of the last three decades. The art book features a boatload of illustrations, some short comics stories, sketches and an extensive write-up about Baldazzini, including an interview, opening texts, description of each of the projects and characters and prestigious quotes – some of them brand new – from other great artists such as Giardino, Manara, Moebius and Serpieri.

The book has just been sent to the printing press and will be available in the UK in August and in the US in Autumn, but you can already preorder it on Amazon.

Here are some SFW pages from the book, among which is the brand new foreword, written by yours truly.

Mondo-Erotica pagg. 6-7

Mondo-Erotica pagg. 118-119

Mondo-Erotica pagg. 32-33

Mondo-Erotica pagg. 18-19

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