iCloud allows no more than 25000 bookmarks

Another reason why online bookmarking is the way to go, if you’re serious about your information.

iCloud - Courtesy of Apple

Thanks to a friend, who was submitting stuff to one of my online projects (, I discovered a page on the Apple website that warns users about “Limits for iCloud Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, and Bookmarks”.

Apparently, if you use Apple software, such as Calendar, Contacts and Safari, you need to keep the information you store within a limit to “help iCloud” keep it “up to date” (i.e. store and synchronize across devices).

As far as I’m concerned the most interesting technical information is the limit stated at the bottom of the page:

Total number of bookmarks: 25,000

I know, 25000 (twentyfive thousand!) bookmarks is a lot of stuff, and the common user probably has a fraction of that, no more than a couple hundreds. Also: it’s an amount that is probably nearly impossible to manage and sort through the interface of a browser, although people never cease to amaze me.

On the other hand there are some of us who have reached and surpassed that amount. I am among those and I have now close to 26,000 bookmarks. They have been amassed in more than 10 years, and I have used them to do things such as file most of my online writing career, keep a wishlist, send interesting stuff to friends and power at least two websites (the aforementioned and

While I currently use (and love using) a Macintosh and an iPhone all of my bookmarks are happily stored on the web, on Pinboard, heir to Delicious and THE online service as far as serious online bookmarking is concerned.

Pinboard has no problem at all managing more than twentyfive thousand bookmarks (in fact I know of users who have a lot more) and makes all of my information organized, searchable and readily available across all and any kind of connected device, not just those made by Apple.

Note: the iCloud logo is copyright and “courtesy of Apple”.

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