Hack Delicious feeds with Yahoo! Pipes

The problem: obtaining a combined Delicious network feed devoid of the “[username]” prefix before each and every bookmark.

The solution: using Yahoo! Pipes to remove the unnecessary words.

Yahoo! Pipes - Delicious network clean feed

Items used are:

  1. The Fetch Feed element, available under “Sources”.
    Here’s where you paste the feed of your Delicious network feed which looks like
    If it’s of one of your tags it will have a trailing /tag part and you can also specify the number of bookmarks to fetch with a further ?count=100

  2. The Regex element, available under “Operators”.
    In this case you need to intercept the username in square brackets which prefixes the title of each bookmark: this is in the item.title of the in the feed.
    The number of rules depends on how many Delicious users are in the Network feed. If it’s one person then you will need just two rules, the first and last,. For each additional user you will need to add a new rule which specifies which other name is to be removed.

  3. The Pipe output element, which is how all of Yahoo! Pipes end and generate a new feed.

A personalized version of this pipe is at (where you can view the source and even clone it for your own needs). It is currently used, together with other similar pipes, for a work in progress which pools the bookmarks of three users.

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