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Source: Introducing the Delicious Forum.

We recognize that the Delicious re-launch has been frustrating for many previous users, and want to be as transparent as possible in addressing the feedback and complaints we’ve received during our beta period.

We have read on websites that you don’t like our crippling of Delicious and you don’t love stacks and don’t think it’s the best thing since sliced bread so we want you to give stacks another chance. Also we want to steer the bad PR and try to understand what’s the deal with you. Don’t you love stacks?

In order to deliver more effective customer service and help people track our progress on resolving issues from the transition,

Since we don’t get what the heck users used to do with Delicious and why are they still moaning and yelling at us,

we’ve introduced a new Delicious Forum.

after closing the original Delicious forum we’ve opened an account on a third party service since we’re not able to make something of our own. We’re trying to pass this thing for a Delicious forum

The Forum will let you communicate directly with Delicious employees, confirm whether an issue has already been reported, and exchange tips and tricks with the whole community.

In this outside resource you can moan and beg all you want and suggest tips and tricks that we can use and claim as ours

You should also visit our FAQ on the Help page to see if your question is addressed there.

Please stop by the FAQ and the Help page so you can see again how awesome stacks are.

If not, you can post directly to the Forum from the top of that page.

We have removed the in-house Delicious help and all requests will go to the third party service

We welcome any type of feedback on the Forum, so don’t be shy.

We have great moderation tools.

If you want to stay updated on what’s happening at Delicious, check out our blogs:

  • Beta Status Blog: frequently updated with each new upgrade and fix that we’ve implemented, or are working on, since the site re-launched.
  • AVOS Blog: the best resource for higher-level Delicious updates and news.

We’ve also killed the original Delicious blog so you have to go to:

  • a hastily opened blog at Blogger where we’re chronicling what we’ve managed to fix yet
  • the AVOS blog where we post PR releases and allow no comments

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